About us - Problem: meet solution

We are a bunch of humans who care about an eclectic group of stuff including usability, technology, automation, design, ethics, and data.

We make systems for other humans. Doesn't everyone, you ask? It sure doesn't feel like it! The level of friction when using most software is unbearably high. We don't like this. We think we can all do better.

We also love helping engineering teams get better at delivering projects, reducing the number of bugs, and improving performance.

Our culture - We balance Empathy and Pragmatism to give you solutions that work in the real world.

Organisations are fundamentally people + culture. These are the principles that we've built our culture around.

  • Communication.

    Much of our work is about uncovering the True Root Causes of issues that engineering teams are facing. We don't magic these insights out of thin air, they come from a combination of our experience and your team's willingness to be honest with us.

    Being able to listen without blame is absolutely core to allowing us to have those honest conversations.

  • Empathy.

    We uncover and fix problems for a living. We aren't about blame; we're about solutions. We weren't there when decisions were made. We may know what happened but we don't know how it felt, what pressure people were under, and what else was going on in their lives.

    Because of this, we choose empathy. We prefer to assume the best of people, communicate kindly, and remember that there's another person on the other end of all of our communications and decisions.

  • Pragmatism.

    Progress in difficult tasks requires an acknowledgment of reality as you can't do great things without understanding the true constraints of your situation.

    The goal for us is always the same: To make confident, sustainable progress.

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